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Gilbert and Sullivan and crying and class

Dubai, United Arab Emirates I am naïve. I trusted Seat Guru by Trip Advisor, and I’m naïve. They said the best seats on Emirates A380 Sydney to Dubai were row 54 – actually, any row that began with no seats in front of it. No seat? Yes. That meant extra legroom. For me, I felt … Continue reading

london, united kingdom

Day 25: an honest British experience Worth a mention: Wind turbines are put out to sea, visible from the Øresund bridge to Copenhagen Grocery shopping that night at ASDA, bananas are £1.15 kg / AUD $1.74 About eight people are treated for heat exhaustion at Wimbledon today, the hottest day in London for the year … Continue reading

lund, sweden

Day 21: alcohol appreciation with Inger Worth a mention: Online gambling is advertised on TV, regularly Kim’s friend couldn’t believe Australia doesn’t have H&M, Topshop (as at June) or Weekday, or that Zara’s just only opened its first stores ever in Oz Sweden has given birth to brands Nudie Jeans, Cheap Monday and retailer H&M … Continue reading

copenhagen, denmark

Day 20: maybe Mary’s home for a cuppa Worth a mention: I appreciate how the Danish appreciate good looks and look good at it Petrol here is DKK 11.18 / AUD $2.04 One of few places in the world where you can choose a beer with your Whopper at Burger King Australians call it a … Continue reading

alicante, spain

Night 12, Days 13 to 14: life’s a beach Worth a mention: Why go to a casino when you can use the electronic pokie machines in the local cafe? Beer is sold alongside Coke and water at the morning street market I leave Matt on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon in Paris and fly one night … Continue reading

paris, france

Day 9: you look French Worth a mention: A small Coke at the Moulin Rouge is €8 / AUD $10.90 Yet another early start, walking from an apartment in West Amsterdam where we spent the night with Matt’s friend Martinus and his girlfriend, however I was asleep for most of the drinking – Amsterdam had … Continue reading

amsterdam, the netherlands

Day 6: the urinal had a fly painter on it Worth a mention: The urinals in Amsterdam Airport had life-like flies painted in their bowls, enough to have passengers wondering – especially if they’ve just come from a coffee shop Within minutes we could smell we were in Amsterdam We left early, again. A walk, … Continue reading

helsinki, finland

Day 5: Breaking news – Aussie tourist reaffirms Finland is part of Europe Worth a mention: Petrol here is €1,1189 / AUD $1.53 I entered Sokos department store to the sound of Gabriella Cilmi’s ‘Save The Lies’ across their speakers Matt: “I think if we had our own radio show no one would listen but … Continue reading

saint petersburg, russia

Day 3: moon face and white nights Notable mentions: PDAs are widely accepted Russian Standard Bank – yes, a bank by the same people who brought you Russian Standard vodka The supporting columns in  Kazansky Cathedral are made from crushed bone from whales stolen from Japan during the 18th Century The day started with my closest … Continue reading

incheon, south korea

Day 1: the orange juice on Korean Air was from Mill Park, Victoria, via Singapore Worth a mention: The man on my flight, in my row, who continued to burp loudly and claimed the spare seat between us as his and his alone Cable TV at the Hilton Regency: looking forward at Russia with RT … Continue reading

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